Pre. Pro. Post.

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Pre Production:  My original goal for the Final Project was to make a film.  However, time restraints and not enough planning cracked through the surface and I came to the realization that a film wasn’t going to work out.  Therefore I decided to do a Photo Essay.  I believe that this time around I can fix the mistakes I made with the original photo essay, for example, having a nice clean background and not a crowded one like the clone trooper essay.  My objective that I had for the Photo Essay was to take something trivial and fun, and turn it on its head and make it emotional and thoughtful.  So I began to think about the toys I still had left. One of them was my Darth Vader toy. Then it clicked, a toy Darth Vader sitting around looking “emo,” or sad and lonely!  The logistics of this plan to shoot a toy Darth Vader weren’t too bad. But I decided to use a real camera that could do focusing and macro shots.  So when I was home, I borrowed my dad’s camera and utilized it the best way I could.

Production: When it came to shoot, I found a good solid color table and a solid color background to use.  The trouble I had during shooting was when I had to figure out how to focus when I had something in the background and foreground.  Once I got that sorted, I could create more cool photos to choose from. I am not the best photographer so these photos aren’t the greatest or well shot. But they are the best I could do with a toy 4½ tall.  The editing was tough because I had shot so many pictures, some good and some bad, and I had to decide out of the good ones which were the best, and which were the best of the best.  And then once I had the meeting with my professor, I went back and reevaluated all the pictures that weren’t bad and I picked some new ones I never really looked at.

Post Production:  I learned that I should always have a back up plan if some problem occurs and I should look at every picture individually and analyze it thoroughly.  I am happy with my Photo Essay because I think I got my message across.  I think I have really good photos, and I think the black and white gives all the photos a touch of exquisiteness to my photos.  However I am disappointed in myself because I should have thought out the story a little more beforehand, and plan out my pictures in drawings, to storyboard. I think that could have helped me greatly.


Mystery Beneath McKinley

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Check it out!

Movie Poster!

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National Geographic Film Critique

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The title of the movie is UNRESERVED: The Work of Louie Gong.  The intended audience is anyone who likes art and interracial relations and how interracial people deal with their identity.  The purpose of the documentary is to highlight Louie Gong and his unique artistry with VANS shoes and skateboards.  The message the director is getting across is that the shoes represent Louie Gong’s ability to “walk in two worlds.”  I didn’t really know anything about Louie Gong before hand. I was actually supposed to see another one, but they flipped the order of films, and I liked this one better because it was short and very interesting.  I had no idea was I expected to see.  The documentary is about Louie Gong, who has a multiracial background, and is an artist, and he applied his Native American and Chinese background into his art on VANS shoes and skateboards.  It was filmed where he lives and at the VANS events.  The only sound effects were music and I liked the music.  The filming was good. It was a classic documentary style of filming.  I liked the interviews because they don’t seemed like they were unrealistic.  The part I like the most in this documentary is the part where Louie Gong gives his background story when he walked into a vans store and didn’t like any designs so he decided to make his own.  I have learned that there are a lot of multiracial people who have to deal with their “walk in two different worlds.”  I would recommend this documentary to my friends because it is quick, gets its powerful point across and tells an interesting story of how one guy can make a difference with his artistry.

FotoWeek 2010

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The DC Fotoweek exhibit I went to was one in Georgetown.  In it, there were thumbnails of really cool photos and two tables full of photo essays.  There was one that caught my eye. It was a photo essay of cars after car crashes.   A lot of visually stunning aftermaths of accidents.  The name of the photographer was Raffael Waldmer, and his book was entitled CAR CRASHES STUDIES 2001-2010.  Because the photos were taken over a period of 10 years, a lot of major US and World events have occurred. What I notice when I look at the photographs is damage the car has taken.  Some are not so extreme, and then there a few where the front of the car indistinguishable.  I believe that I notice the damage first because that is what is supposed to be seen before anything.  The colors I see are the normal colors of cars, such as silver, grey, red, blue, white, and dark green.  The visual effect of the mood is almost one of a warning.  To show what can happen to a car when a car crash occurs.  Because of the lighting that Waldmer uses, the colors stand out of the black background.  The lighting is fixed solely on where the accident occurred, and nowhere else, to accentuate the wreck.  I believe that the artist’s statement in this work is that car crashes are terrible.  I believe that it means that movies and the media glorify car chases and other car crashes and that car crashes are dangerous and serious.  This relates to me because I am a driver and it is possible that on any given time on the highway, something out of my control could happen and I could get into a serious accident.  I feel bad for the people who had to go through the tragedy of the accident.  He made the artistic decisions he did because he is trying to portray car crashes as dim, solemn events.  The value I find in this photo essay is that this is a stylistic representation of car crashes, highlighting the worst part of them.  The work communicates that car crashes are tragic.  However, I think that the photo essay is pretty one-note and has nothing really more to offer than just that the car crashes are very dangerous to the exterior of the car and the interior. There were images of the interiors of cars and the entire insides were ravaged.  However that is pretty much the only thing you can get out of it.  The images are breath-taking, but it is one-note.

Post About A Poster

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The poster I chose to critique was one of the posters made for the first Star Wars movie.  I actually have this one in my room so it is convenient for me to do this one, and I love Star Wars and movie posters.  Anyway, the Star Wars poster is an effective poster.  It is selling the action of the movie.  There is a lightsaber ignited, blaster guns being fired from both Han Solo and Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker is pointing his gun straight at you with a determined look on his face.  X-wings and TIE Fighters are in battle and there is an explosion in the background.  This poster also shows the good and evil that is portrayed in the film and whom we are meant to root for. In the background there is the Death Star and Darth Vader, both look very ominous and foreboding. The main characters, the good guys, the people we are rooting for are in the forefront, and they look like they are getting stuff done because Han and Leia look like they are in a battle with stormtroopers and Luke looks determined to shoot at one.  Vader’s clenched fist around his lightsaber seems to be swinging down at the good guys.  The choice of color to express who is good and who is bad is very much shown by Luke who is wearing all white, which symbolizes good, and Darth Vader who is wearing all black, which in this case symbolizes evil.  This poster is demographically targeting people who enjoy action and adventure, and action and adventure in outer space.  The message is that you will see some action in this movie, and that there will be space fighter fights, and explosions. This isn’t a mystery movie so there isn’t going to be mysterious “what does this mean” stuff, but one in 1977 may not know what is going on in this movie, but the poster doesn’t have to show everything. This specific poster is to show the movie goers that this new movie called Star Wars is going to have laser gun fights, laser swords, space battles, explosions, good guys and bad guys.